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Hi I’m Jesse Owens,

owner of Jess & Joe’s Window Washing. I started washing windows after buying my home and then getting laid off from my union drywall job due to lack of work. Joe got me a job working for a large window cleaning company. A year later, I saw opportunity to work for myself and I started Jess & Joe’s. When the recession hit the building trades in October 2008, I went back to work for the union contractor. The company I worked for for 7 years shut down. That’s when I decided I was going to work for myself full time.

As a kid I always looked up to my grandpa, who owns a large construction company in North Dakota. His hard work ethic and success drove me to want my own company. I also have my dad to thank for having taught me hard work ethics.

I've lived in the north Minnesotan suburbs my whole life. When I graduated from Irondale in 2002, I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. That is, until a drywall job fell into my lap. I discovered my love for the building trades and working with my hands. I still do construction but my main focus is window washing. I’m honest, laid back, a hard worker, smart, skilled, and I posses a strong work ethic.

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About Jess & Joe's Window Washing

Jess & Joe’s Window Washing is a locally owned and managed company providing professional residential and commercial window cleaning in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro (We will travel outside the Metro Area.) Jess & Joe’s Window Washing company is owned by Jesse Owens.

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